Vapour recovery system VARECO Plus - Double

The intelligent vapour recovery system VARECO Plus (Stage II) with the vortex flow sensor works completely automatic, self regulating and self monitoring, independent of temperature, pressure and density. It continually controls and regulates the vapour flow during the fuelling process.
The system is equipped with additionl interfaces (RS232 and RS485) for the connection to the dispenser calculator or POS system and can also be optionally adjusted, e.g. with LAN or WLAN.
VARECO Plus meets all the standards as the 21 BImSchV (German Federal Pollution Control Act) and the European Standard EN 16321.

The VARECO Plus system can also be used as a vapour recovery monitoring system purely.

- Compatible with all commonly available dispensers;
- Operates completely automatic and self regulated;
- Complies in full with 21 BImSchV and EN 16321;
- Operates independent of temperature, pressure and density;
- Durable, with excellent repeatability, long-term stability and tough;
- Flexible in use;
- Operates almost free of inertia;
- Resistant to liquids;
- Does not contain any mechanical or thermal elements;
- Simple to install and small in size;
- Fitted with a lot of high-tech functions;
- One control electronic for one double sided dispenser;
- Includes 2 frequency outputs to control frequency converters;
- Includes 2 proportional valve control outputs;
- Includes 1 analog input for pressure sensor;
- Includes 1 analog input for thermo sensor;
- Includes 2 inputs for thermal monitoring of suction pump;
- Wireless data transfer is possible via WLAN converter;
- Facilitates remote maintenance and remote diagnosis using "TST Remote Control";
- Facilitates centralized monitoring in the shop using "Monitor Plus" software;
- Simple handling using the "TST Service Tool";
- Can be connected to commonly POS systems via LAN or RS485 interfaces;
- Alarm messages can be sent by SMS, Fax, and/or Email;
- Suppresses diesel pulses;
- Switches off the vapour return for diesel fuelling process;
- ATEX, Ex Zone 0, TUV, NEL, EN 16321, EN 50178, IEC/EN 60947 certified

Technical Data
Supply voltage: DC 24V
Power consumption: 1W without load
Memory: 1000 refuellings
4 Diesel nozzle signal: 5 - 24V
2 Gasoline volume pulses: 3.3 - 24V
2 Thermo switch inputs: 3.3 - 24V
1 Pressure sensor input: 0 - 10V analog
1x Temperature sensor input: 0 - 10V analog
Pulse inputs
2 Gasoline volume pulses: 3.3 - 24V
2 Reserve inputs: 3.3 - 24V
2 Analogue inputs: 0.0 - 10V
2 LED green: 24V / 1.3A short circuit proof
2 LED red: 24V / 1.3A short circuit proof
2 Shut down signal: 24V / 1.3A short circuit proof
2 Gas pump control: 24V / 1.3A short circuit proof
2 Frequency outputs: 5V or 24V / 20mA
2 Gas pulse output: 5V or 24V / 20mA
2 Proportional MV control: 24V / 1.3A / 800mAT Fuse
2 Flow Meter Inputs:
2 Zener barriers
2 RS485
1 Referenz flow meter connector
1 LAN (Option)
1 WLAN (Option)
ATEX (Zener barrier): CE 0158 Ex II (1) G [Ex ia Ga] IIB
ATEX (Vortex Flow Meter): CE 0158 Ex II 1/2 G Ex ia IIB T4 Ga/Gb

Dimensions (w x h x d): 165 x 130 x 65mm