Ex gas rotary vane vacuum pump SG 0008 A

The vacuum pump SG 0008 A is intended for the suction of potentially explosive fuel-air mixtures, specifically for the recovery of gasoline vapour (explosion group IIA) in motor vehicle filling station systems.

- Certified acc. to ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU (designation Ex II 1/2G cd IIA T3 X / II G IIA);
- The high pumping speed permits vapour recovery from up to two petrol pump nozzles simultaneously;
- Throughput control is carried out by an integrated mechanical valve, or alternatively electronically by an external unit;
- Low pulsation;
- Low vibration;
- Low noise level;
- No use of cooling or lubricating fluids;
- Extended service lifetime;
- Long maintenance intervals.

Technical specifications
The vacuum pump SG 0008 A uses the rotary vane operating principle. Compression takes place without operating fluids. The consistently high pumping speeds are guaranteed through the perfectly coordinated construction materials and modern precision manufacturing techniques. The pump is driven by a directly flange-mounted motor.

Technical data
Nominal pumping speed: 130 l/min
Differential pressure: 100-250hPa(mbar)
Nominal motor rating: 0.12kW
Nominal motor speed: 3000min-1
Noise level (ISO 2151): 52dB(A)
Max temperature of inlet gas stream: 50°C
Weight: approx. 10kg
Dimensions (L x W x H): 300 x 143 x 178mm
Gas inlet/outlet: G1/2