Ex liquid vortex flow sensor "VFS" 8mm

The Vortex Flow sensor is a small lightweight flowmeter uses a piezoelectric sensor. Behind the bluff body a von Karman vortices form and shed proportional to the rate of flow on alternating sides of the bluff body placed perpendicular to the stream of flow.
The sensor element picks up the frequency of these vortices for the flow rate measurement and converts them to electrical impulses. It is possible to measure a flow rate above 0.5m/s.

- Operates independently of temperature, pressure and density
- Flexible in use
- Operates almost free of inertia
- Excellent repeatability and long-term stability
- Durable and tough in hard working conditions
- Resistant to air humidity and petrol
- Contains no mechanical or thermal elements
- Simple to install and small in size
- Compatible with all vapour recovery system
- Certified for ATEX, EX Zone 0, TUV, NEL

Technical Data
Permissible medium: Gases, Liquids
Sensor element: Piezoelectric
Pipe diameter: 8mm
Pressure resistance: 2bar
Protection class: IP65
Explosion protection: CE 0158 Ex II 1/2 G EEx ia IIB T4, IEC/EN60079-11
Approvals: ATEX Zone "0", CE, TUV, NEL
Dimensions (w x h x d): 85 x 55 x 35mm
Connections: 1/2" external thread
Measurement range: 16 to 50 liters/minute
Operating temperature range
Medium temperature: -20°C to +60°C
Ambient temperature: -20°C to +60°C
Housing and transmitter: PPS (Polyphenylene sulphide)
O-ring: Viton (FKM)
Supply voltage Uvs: 12-24 VDC max 10mA
Output signal: Square wave pulse
Output voltage: H: Uvs – min fV / L: max fV
Operating temperature: -20°C to +50°C
Housing: Polycarbonate
Protection class: IP 30
Explosion protection: CE 0158 II (1) G [EEx ia] IIB IEB, IEC/EN60079-11
Approvals: ATEX Zone "0", CE, TUV, NEL